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Skill level
Intermediate English
Time to complete
8h 18m
26 lectures
Who is this for:
Individuals planning to take the IELTS exam, whether for academic purposes, immigration, or career advancement
Students and professionals aiming to improve their English proficiency
Intermediate English
A desire to learn!
A positive attitude!
What you'll learn:
Comprehend the TOEFL test's purpose and grading standards
Enhance pronunciation and express opinions fluently
Master tasks such as describing images and answering questions
Discover career and academic opportunities
Proven strategies to excel in all four sections of the TOEFL exam: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing
Comprehensive TOEFL preparation, featuring real-life practice quizzes and exercises to sharpen your skills
Navigate sentence completions, gap-fill exercises, and Reading comprehension

All our courses include

Certificate of Completion

Flexible learning program

Top used phrases for practice and exercises

Always expanding courses

8+ hours of valuable material

5 Sections • 26 lectures • 8hr 18min
2 lectures • 25min
Introduction to the Course • 2:49
5 lectures • 1hr 45min
Types of Questions and Examples • 10:38
Tips and Tricks for the Reading Section • 9:52
Mistakes to Avoid for the Reading Section • 7:11
Practice: Questions and Answers • 23:30
How to Answer the Questions • 54:30
10 lectures • 2hrs 25min
How to Get Good at Taking Notes • 21:20
Practice: Task 1 • 8:32
Practice: Task 2 • 15:12
Practice: Task 3 • 8:39
Practice: Task 4 • 8:55
Templates for the Speaking Section • 24:06
Tips and Tricks for the Speaking Section • 14:43
How to Pronounce • 15:31
Mistakes to Avoid for the Speaking Section • 15:15
Grammar • 13:22
6 lectures • 2hrs 27min
How to Get Good at Taking Notes • 10:46
Types of Questions and Examples • 37:08
Tips and Tricks for the Listening Section • 23:26
Taking Notes When Listening to the Passage • 16:52
Mistakes to Avoid for the Listening Section • 8:42
Practice: Questions and Answers • 50:54
4 lectures • 1hr 16min
Question 1: Integrated Task • 30:30
Question 2: Academic Discussion • 28:38
Tips and Tricks for the Writing Section • 16:12
Last Words • 0:42

Don’t Believe a Word We Are Saying?

Kalah F. • 5 months ago
This course is easy to understand, and provides a lot in terms of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. What it teaches is very practical and useful to the modern word.
Brian H. • 3 months ago
Good course, clear and crisp, easy to understand with good examples. Keeps one engaged throughout. Thanks a bundle!

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