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Learn Russian FAST with this non-stop Russian speaking course for BEGINNERS: learning Russian will be easy and fun!
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Skill level
Time to complete
15h 51m
36 lectures
Who is this for:
Anyone who wants to learn intermediate-beginner Russian for any purpose - traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered
Anyone who wants to advance quickly in their Russian language journey - in a way that's easy, fun and fast
No previous knowledge of Russian is required. You can start from scratch!
A desire to learn Russian
A positive attitude!
What you'll learn:
250+ most useful vocabulary words
Proper Russian pronunciation
How to put basic sentences together
Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first
Top most useful phrases you can use in everyday situations
Basic sentence structures
Read and write in Russian
The building blocks of Russian grammar

All our courses include

Certificate of Completion

Flexible learning program

Top used phrases for practice and exercises

Always expanding courses

15+ hours of valuable material

3 sections • 36 lectures • 15h 51m total length
1 lecture • 2min
Introduction • 2:24
Chapter 1
33 lectures • 10hr 21 min
Rules about reading Russian • 13:27
Greetings • 12:22
Greetings and Manners • 17:16
Pronouns and Noun Genders • 16:13
Colours and Adjectives • 19:33
Numbers • 19:29
Modifying Consonants and Food • 19:15
Animals and Verbs • 23:21
Verbs in the Present Tense pt 1 • 18:35
Verbs in the Present Tense pt 2 • 24:05
Important Verbs • 18:14
Review of Lesson 2 • 13:09
Review of Lesson 3 • 13:13
Review of Lesson 4 • 17:59
Review of Lesson 5 • 11:47
The Plural of Nouns • 21:32
Review of lesson 6 • 17:25
Review of lesson 7 • 21:05
Review of lesson 8 • 18:53
The Dative Case and Review of Lesson 9 • 15:09
Review of Lessons 10 - 12 • 22:50
The Date • 11:13
Telling the Time • 24:44
Questions • 21:14
Family • 18:40
Emotions • 29:53
The Body Parts • 17:24
Physical Characteristics • 26:30
Personality • 21:43
The Supermarket • 23:11
The House & the Accusative Case • 21:45
Be Going To & The Possessive Pronouns • 17:05
Bonus: Learn Russian with Music
3 lectures • 5hr 30 min
Part 1 • 02:47:36
Part 2 • 02:42:15
Last Words • 00:35

Don’t Believe a Word We Are Saying?

Chuck W. • 5 months ago
At first I was unsure how much I liked it but after a while I realized the depth of this class. There's a lot in here and I think it's a great value for the money. And it's organized in nice blocks. (for example I am flying tomorrow, perhaps I will re-listen to the travel section) My wife who is semi-fluent has used many of the sessions to brush up on her Spanish.
Kalah F. • 5 months ago
This course is easy to understand, and provides a lot in terms of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. What it teaches is very practical and useful to the modern word.
Brian H. • 3 months ago
Good course, clear and crisp, easy to understand with good examples. Keeps one engaged throughout. Thanks a bundle!

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